Thursday, February 6, 2014


we recently had snow in atlanta.  the weather down here is weird.  when we moved from NYC, people laughed at us, calling it "hotlanta" telling us we're going to die from the heat.  others were envious, saying how they will be jealous of our amazing weather.  when I contacted the people I knew who lived here, one of the first things they would say was, I was going to love the weather.  I'm gonna say it, "I'M NOT REALLY LOVING THE WEATHER!"  sure, we get our warmer than average Fall and Spring, but the past 2 winters we have been here, have been really shitty and really cold.  and the summer?  it sucked!  it wasn't hot and it rained, a lot.  I mean like, Seattle.  my word of advice to anyone looking to move "south" for better weather, don't move to Georgia.

snow.  atlanta got snow.  it was crazy weird.  the only thing the news talked about for days leading up to it was this massive snow we were going to receive.  massive!  2 inches!  what?  being from indiana and living in NY for years, 2" is not massive.  the day prior to the snow, it was 65 degrees and my husband played golf.  none of us could possibly imagine we were going to get snow and if we did, it certainly woudn't stick.

sure enough we got snow.  and it stuck.  the whole state of Georgia, shut down.  it was amazing.  apparently in the south when you only get snow once every 5 years, you aren't really prepared for it.  people don't know how to drive in it.  it's mayhem.  unless you live under a rock and never see any kind of news, I'm sure you saw all of the images from the storm.  people were stuck for hours upon hours in their cars.  kids were stuck in schools!  it was insane.

we honestly couldn't believe it.  in NY when we got 2" of snow, it almost went unnoticed.  you went to work, schools weren't closed, nothing.  2" was almost a disappointment.  here?  people loved it.  schools were closed for 4 days!  kids went sled riding in 2" of snow!  our neighborhood knows what to do when it snows.  we gather at the neighbors, clad with our crock pots and wine and throw the kids in the back yard with some sleds.  we light fires for when they're cold, toast some marshmallows, drink some hot chocolate and once theyr'e warm again, throw them back out in the yard.  it's something out of a movie.  it's great.  it's why we moved here.
 (snow is also tasty!)
 (extreme sledding.)
 (the one thing I like about snow are my Sorel boots.)
 (more sledding.)

now, I'm just hoping we don't get another snow for, I don't know, another 5 years or more.

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