Wednesday, March 5, 2014

next step

the frozen cycle seems to take forever!  I've been on lupron now for 2+ weeks and I'm still not to the next step!  the next step starts Saturday.  I received my protocol yesterday so I kinda feel as if I'm at the next step, but still 3 more days.....

and then I only move on to the estrogen patches. the transfer is still weeks away! then 12 days after that I'll finally know!  of course, with my luck, my blood test falls on a Sunday, which the lab is closed.  so day 11 I take the test, but we will be on vacation so I have to go to a remote location.  which means I won't get the results until day 12!  Ah!!  it's never easy. the waiting is seriously the hardest part.

as excited as I should be to move on to the next step, I loathe the estrogen patches.  they make me moody, bloated, irritable, you name it.  my poor husband and child.  who knows what I'm going to snap at?  then the progesterone.  combine the two together and look out!!  bitch on wheels coming through!!

maybe it's a good thing I have a vacation to prepare for while doing this.  shopping for bathing suits, beach bags, sunscreen, etc always makes me happy. I just hate this is what we have to go through to have another baby.  Fingers crossed we have a positive result this time and it will all be worth it in the end, but right now it's hard.  I'm trying my best to stay strong for my family.  to stay strong and fight the urge to say "screw it".  and when those hormones start to kick in, I'm going to stay strong and not let them get the best of me.  and if it doesn't end with a positive result?  I will know I did everything I could.