Friday, January 17, 2014


I bought a juicer yesterday.  I'm so excited.  $63 at target!  do you know who was more excited?  charlie.  I went to target while he was in school.  I bought him a bicycle helmet for his new scooter and a new batman backpack.  I couldn't wait to show him his new gifts.  he saw them, tossed them aside, saw my juicer on the counter and asked with bright eyes, "what's THAT?"  who knew?

we immediately started juicing.  I had a little bit of everything and that's what we juiced.  1/2 of an apple, a clementine, some mango pieces, a celery stalk and some kale.  and it was amazing.  seriously the best juice I've ever had.  wanna guess who liked it even more?  yep!  the 3 year old.  first thing he asked this morning was for some "fresh juice" as he calls it.  next up, a trip to the grocery store for fruits and veggies!

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